Everyday Reflections by Jen Shephard

Poems from the heart.
Moments in nature brilliantly photographed.
Inspiring poems and photos from my heart to yours.
 Finding moments to breathe and be still, to reenergise.

34 pages of poems to inspire you and full colour photographs to enliven your senses.
Suitable for all ages
Author – Jen Shephard
Photographers – Jen Shephard and Bruce Binney
Publisher – All About Attitude 2018
ISBN – 978-0-646-99394-2
A5 Paperback spiral bound


Reading your poems created a space inside of myself to connect with the softness of the heart, delightful. Your words and wisdom come from the heart space. S.S.

Every poem startling in its beauty and its special quality of insight with nature in all its beauty.  B.C.

A very enjoyable read, it has deep meaningful insights, I keep it by my bed. D.C.

Your words resonated with me Jen and your photos capture the beauty that surrounds us each day, ever changing, glorious nature. L.R.


A Sample Page

The Joy of Life

The sun dancing its light
Inside me..
Melting through to my bones
Bringing warmth and joy.

The waves supporting me,
as I body board.
Feeling the capacity of water
to ebb and flow.

The laughter of fun
anywhere, anytime!
Melting tension and fear.

Allowing the flow of life
Awakening to sensitivity..
It’s there for all of us.
Playful, vitality, aliveness.

Open up
Let ease and grace fill each day.
Be awake to
The joy of life!


Byron Bay

Byron Bay NSW