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Thinking Partnerships

I have been committed to participating in a Thinking Partnership with Jen for 8 (9??) years and I can honestly say it has been one of the best things I have ever done as a leader.
Not only has it forced me to consider my own needs (our sessions are in school hours with the door shut! this was very hard for me initially as I felt guilty) but it creates a space in my diary and more importantly in my head to think, create, challenge myself, dream and to plan and when its Jen’s turn I have to listen. That can sometimes be the hardest thing of all! Some of my best work really does happen in Thinking Partnership time.
Our 2 meeting/term cycle also ensures an ongoing commitment to my own learning and to Jens. Can’t recommend it more highly.
Leesa Shepherd Principal Nairne Primary School

Sometimes we need to reflect - talk our ideas through, without anyone interrupting our flow of ideas. This is a 1:1 conversation to help with changes you want to action.

Thinking partnerships are all about you. Flexibility and confidentiality are ensured.
Possibilities are endless when you give yourself breathing space and time to explore ideas freely. This personalized approach allows you to move forward and create steps to change.
You will find that just talking about ideas/options/goals with someone
who really listens is often enough to clarify things.
With clear focus and a desire to change /build / grow, possibilities open up.

Thinking partnerships allow you to be the change you want to see in the world.
You decide your actions – I help you keep focused, creating small steps to commit to your plans.
When we take time to think clearly, we make better decisions with greater benefit to ourselves and others. As we discover ways through issues we lighten our load.

Enjoy the chance to think beyond your barriers and habits.

I will listen, coach, motivate, mentor and encourage you to accomplish what is currently your goal/issue. Simple steps to bring your ideas to life.

Together we’ll identify things that drain your energy and create a long-term strategy to eliminate them, also exploring what enhances your energy and helps to make you full of life!

Setting realistic goals, easy steps and a positive attitude for success.
The keys are authenticity and simplicity in a relaxed environment.
This is what I offer you.

Sessions are one and a half hours.
Either at my home, walking or an agreed venue.
This is about you. You drive the amount of sessions and the content.
For Thinking partnerships exploring ideas and changing patterns
I recommend 4 sessions minimum (for changes to be actioned and committed to properly).
A gap between sessions works well.
Flexibility occurs depending on the needs.
There is an expectation of willingness to action ideas.
Confidentiality is ensured.

Cost $120/session


Please feel free to contact me on 0412 595 102 or