All About  Attitude
Full of Life

3 hour Taiji Workshop

An afternoon or morning to fully relax into Taiji.

Sometimes weekly classes just don’t fit.
Maybe a Saturday afternoon works better for you.

Devoting time to releasing tension, practicing simple ideas to relax the body, finding alignments and discovering ways that they can be part of everyday routines.

Imagine if you had a few exercises that you could do each day that would revitalize and over time re energise your body.
Building stepping stones to better health can happen in many ways.

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Relaxation Sessions
Business - Teachers - Students

Treat your staff to a session of relaxation.
A gentle hour of releasing tension can be as relaxing as a gentle massage.
When we nourish ourselves we manage everything else a bit better.

Simple skills to take away and use every day.
Release your shoulders now - feel the difference.
Breathe - rediscover your vitality.

Inspire yourself and those you work with
to nurture good health.
We only have one body.
It needs to last a lifetime.Treat it well.
Small changes can make a big difference.
A positive attitude builds a healthy environment.
Be full of life.

Sessions can be tailored to suit you.

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