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Taiji (Tai Chi) class details for Milang, Goolwa & Strathalbyn

. Recovery from 'knife in foot' is complete.

As we head into the cooler part of the year take moments to relax, ground yourself, balance and allow lightness in. Lightness in Tai Chi means relaxed and letting go of unnecessary tension. Feel the difference when tension releases.

We continue to bring relaxation, lightness and a gentle connection back to our body. This helps us to feel a continuous flow in the movements ,connecting us to the earth and through our body to the sky above. I look forward to being alongside you as you discover more about this relaxing art. 

Keep it simple - ground yourself, relax and soften muscle tension down through your body. Pay attention to any sensations you feel as you keep releasing tension.

Enjoy personal discoveries and gentle practice. Will keep you posted!

Check My Blog page for the whole "Knife in Foot" Story!

Cultivating simple steps everyday
Trending towards better health
Breathe, relax, time to yourself

All About Attitude uses the timeless principles of Tai Chi (Taiji)
to explore natural movement, relaxation, balance, alignment and breathing.

Simple, gentle movements that can become part of everyday routines.
Enjoy the deliciousness of personal discovery as you do things in a Taiji way.
Relax, release tension, reboot your system towards better health.

I enjoy being alongside students as they relax, release tension and allow stillness in.
Wise old saying - If you don’t do anything different nothing changes.
Be prepared to change and reconnect to yourself.

COVID 19 is still a factor - remember to check in,
common sense about your own health and respect for others.

Check my Blog for my latest artice on Chi Kung - Sept '23


Everyday Reflections

Everyday Reflections by Jen Shephard

Everyday reflections is my first publication.
I published under my birth name Jen Shephard.
Poems from the heart, nature photos to inspire.

Every poem startling in its beauty and its special quality of insight with nature in all its beauty. B.C.

Cure4 Cystic Fibrosis receives $2 for each book sold.


Everyday Reflections $20.00 AUD
(Free postage in Australia)

Here's a sample of one of my poems.


Click the buy now button above to pay securely online or contact Jen direct. Email: with your book enquiries. We do offer a variety of payment/delivery options and wholesale prices for large book orders.

Everyday Reflections
Author/Illustrator: Jen Shephard
Publisher: All About Attitude
ISBN: 978-0-646-99394-2
Pages: 34
RRP: $20.00

Everyday Reflections can be purchased at:

The Book Keeper Book Shop - Shop 4 / 1 Dawson Street Strathalbyn SA 5255

Cittaslow Corner - corner of Cadell Street in Goolwa

Coomunga House - 10 Railway Tce Victor Harbor SA 5211

Book Stop - Victor Central Shopping Centre

South Seas Books - 53 North Tce Port Elliot SA 5212