Imagine if….                                                                              Jan 21/1/21
By nurturing your body in a Taiji way for 10 minutes each day
your circulation improved
your tension started to unravel
your energy increased
your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons relaxed, no longer stiff or tight
your body felt younger and more alive
your flexibility, balance and grounding returned
your breathing became naturally deeper which improved the quality of oxygenated blood in your system
and your body started to heal itself
…..mine is doing this and I thank Taiji and my daily commitment to play with these simple ideas.

An Amazing Art
Each day the benefits get stronger
Each day I let go a bit more
Each day I am a bit better in body, mind and soul

WARNING: It takes courage and a willingness to change, to gently persist.
Not a quick fix more a gradual growing awareness of the body,
our posture, relaxing the mind and body and the simple things we can do to make it better.

Have fun with it, don’t try too hard. Relax, play and continue gently it may surprise you, it did me. Jen