Personalised Sessions  

 Classes don't suit everyone. If you'd prefer a personalised or a small group session, it can happen.                                      

  • Learn at your pace.
  • Open up to better posture, balance, releasing tension
  • Connect simple ideas to every day routines




  • A relaxing way to build strength, flexibility and balance, restoring energy as tension releases
  • You don’t need any equipment, just enough space to stand or sit and a little sunshine is a bonus!!!
  • You can do it by yourself or with a group, anywhere you have room to stand or sit.
  • The best way to understand Taiji is to feel it – start, keep going! Stop if it hurts.
  • As we age, we need to keep moving gently - move it don’t lose it.

The body is like a garden
a unique ecosystem,
self regulating, ever changing.
Adapting to each moment.
Little by little
we water our roots and
nourish our hearts and minds.
So that we can thrive
and reach our full potential



Read some of the benefits others have told me about Taiji and Chi Kung:

  • Balance – being able to stand on one leg again.
  • Breathing, noticing that in stressful situations they use Taiji breathing – it helps
  • Better sense of well being
  • A chance to relax and switch off from everything
  • Bigger people say it is an exercise they can do without puffing
  • Less stress, feeling calm and peaceful
  • Better movement through the joints                                                                       
  • Mental and Physical fitness
  • Inner strength
  • Time for me! Reminds me how nice it is to have time for me.
  • Making me relax and conscious of releasing tension in shoulders and jaw
  •  I have got much more than I expected from doing Taiji
  • I have strengthened my core, it was recommended by my physio. Now it helps me with my breathing
  • I bend over more easily, more strength in my back, feel more at peace, less stress
  • More flexibility in all joints. Neck and shoulders much improved.