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My Taiji Story

My Taiji story began in the year 2000. I had been curious about Taiji, now I saw how amazing it was! Little did I know how much it would become a part of me. I met Freerk Ykema and began training in the Rock and Water program. This program has a Taiji base and helps students develop self- control, self- confidence and self- awareness - I loved it!
My Taiji teacher, Karen Anderson, was in Goolwa. It was worth the one hour drive from Murray Bridge where I worked - for the time relaxation and peacefulness away from my busy life. Even though it was hard, I couldn’t remember things and I wanted it to be quicker, there was something about it that absorbed me. I think it was finding silence and connecting with myself again!

Much changed in the next few years, an incident at school literally catapulted me into a new direction (another story - involving a Bull)! I became a trainer in the Rock and Water Program, resigned after 23 years of teaching and in 2001 launched All About Attitude. Doors opened. I ran workshops, I wrote a program for young students, I tried to help people be the best that they could be - it was fabulous to give students and adults skills that helped them build themselves up as people. I offered something unique that connected with many.

At the same time Taiji became my passion, I became thirsty for everything Taiji. It gave me a depth of self- control and calm that I had not experienced before. It enhanced everything I believed about bringing out the best in me. I started teaching Taiji and Chi Kung.  As my Taiji improved I became more focussed and started to question myself - there was so much I had to learn. I was just on the tip of the iceberg. About this time I had been regularly attending Paul Lam Taiji workshops in Sydney and some wonderful Taiji friendships had begun. It was here that I met Roman Czernaiwsky, over the 5 days of his push hands workshop my understanding of the fundamentals and principles of Taiji just blew me away. A whole new world of Taiji opened up for me – learning to relax is not as easy as I first thought!!!

Timing is everything - why does it still surprise me how I meet the right people at the right time! I began to explore another layer of Taiji. Roman and Trish Tan (Taiji for Health Lismore) set up the 4 Pillars of Health program. This program continues to connect me with Taiji teachers from different parts of Australia and New Zealand as we continue to discover and refine this wonderful art. The 4 Pillars is a Wellness and Falls Prevention workshop, based on the timeless principles of Taiji Chu’an. It provides people with sustainable benefits in Balance, Alignment, Breathing and Relaxation. It is brilliant and with the principles of Taiji has guided the central core for my teaching. I continue to learn, practice and enjoy the benefits! My students and teacher inspire me to keep exploring, the journey of self continues.

As I devoted more time to practice and discovering more about myself I changed the focus of my business. I have been lucky to meet John Hartley Inner Health Taijiquan and with his teaching I continue to discover each day something more about this amazing art.

Taiji has helped connect me back to myself. I know I am only a little way along the Taiji pathway.
It continues to inspire me as I continue to let go of tension and discover a new level of awareness in this busy world.
There are many ways to relax and find that inner peacefulness that builds our integrity and goodness as a person.
Taiji principles give me a structure that I can take into everyday activities to make my interactions better and help me to be the best that I can be. Each chapter is more fulfilling that the last - I am inspired to be the change I want to see in the world! 

Jan 2017